Early dialogue

Here's a preview of the basic idea the dialogue with the first NPC is going to look like.. 

"Hey.. how's it going? My name is Death. Yeah.. that Death. I used to be the harvester of souls but then humans kind of fucked all the shit up.. Eventually some weird alien dudes gave me a job as the custodian of this thing.. 

What is this thing? We call it the Schmonstruct.. 

Why? why what?

Oh, why is it called the Schmonstruct? uh.. because corporate entities are apparently still litigious even after they are dead.

Anyway... Uh.. look around for some junk or you're going to be here forever.. and uh.. this is also sort of my apartment so..
I'd appreciate it if you made it snappy.. I have a date coming over in a while.

In the mean time.. I can change the lights if you like.. and the floor.. 

Why? Bruh.. don't ask me.. You think I'm fond of going from harvesting souls to changing the lights for you? Those are the powers the alien dudes gave me.. beyond that.. it's up to you.. go find your "gets" so you can enter the prologue.

Oh, hey.. actually.. would you mind stepping outside for a moment? As you can see the Schmonstruct visual routines are shitting themselves. I need to reinit the binary."

So.. you see.. this.. will be a thing where there are game aspects. I want it to be anything from a meditation room, to a game that you can go it and kill some baddies to relieve some stress.. Inventory.. health, mana.. all that good basic video game mechanic stuff.. but also a game in which there isn't really a concept of "cheating". The premise is that when you have found a sufficient number of tools and abilities.. you can either turn on god mode or not.. auto spawn enemies.. or turn spawning of enemies off.. load environments.. read tarot... Look at your astrology chart.. painted on the sky... Do whatever you want in your computer..

and yes.. eventually I want this to be compatible with a VR API. When we are at that point.. Relativty is the code and hardware base I want the project to work with.. Because this software, I hope will eventually be a tool that people can use to heal and educate themselves.. and prohibitively expensive VR is unacceptable to the ethics of this project.

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