Credit where it's due.

Added Henry Software to the list of Assets libraries heavily depended on. 

Nothing is currently implemented.. I'm.. uh.. still learning how to do very simple things like instantiate an enemy or an item.. I am making progress on things that are essential to game environments though.. Working on the start menu and the synopsis or prologue.. 

I'm learning about the UI layer and how much of my game is going to depend heavily on it.

So without a lot of flowery language.. The pure game parts I want to be the best parts of FPS games like Duke Nukem with the best parts of JRPGs and cool items..   

Because Henry Software has such beautiful pixel work.. I was able to find a great library that has all the sprites that are needed to make finding anything in the environment exciting.

So.. The next things I need to work on are engagement oriented.. Creating the inventory system, and providing a place for people to find cool things that.. eventually will have fun usefulness attached to it... 

I want learning to be fun, beautiful, engaging and exciting.

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