Hey! look.. we're just chilling with Death!

So.. I really want this project to start gaining ground.. but it's becoming obvious to me how much actual scripting knowledge I don't know.. I have a bunch of assets such as the reaper.. that I can use legally.. I know what I want him to do in this scene.. and I know where I want to narrative to lead roughly.. but I hit a mental block when I tried to figure out how to do this.. 

I need somebody that is extremely well grounded with unity/C# scripting... but I can't honestly believe that there is such a person out there that would want to help me do these absurdly simple things...

This is what I want to get running in the simulation.. 

I need to figure out how to implement "Flop" into the game. This is a n "album flow" type inventory visualization asset.. 

I also need to figure out how to implement a terminal asset I found.. so that users can spawn items.. but first they need to find the terminal "item" which can then be bound to a hotkey in order to trigger it.. Also.. I need to bind the flop asset to a hotkey so that people can see what all items they have.. and I need to bind the ability to do this to a bag item.. which should also be findable within the first scene.. 

Making games is tough... Making an open ended sandbox type software that geeks like me would want to hang out in.. is seemingly too big of a task for my brain to handle sometimes..   Ugh.. I just want to be project/concept lead.. but.. then.. this is a personal concept so.. if I don't wade through the complex problem solving tasks of this.. just.. nobody is going to..

Oh.. I just remembered another thing that is fucking driving me nuts.. the way I am doing billboarding.. well it does work.. but there are points at which I can see a tiny little line on one side of the character.. which breaks the whole billboarding effect and ruins the suspension of disbelief...  

Anyhow.. work continues..


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Jan 25, 2018
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Jan 25, 2018

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